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Panda Athletic Tape

Panda Athletic Tape

Be #hookgripready and save your thumb from pain when you lift barbells and heavy weights.

  • For powerlifters, crossfitters, weightlifters who need wrist and thumb support when they train.
  • For basketball, volleyball, soccer players and any other sports that need finger, wrist and ankle protection and support.
  • For gymnasts who need extra protection for their palms when they do their routines and extra support for their ankles and wrists

Panda Tape is an upgrade from the old, stiff athletic tape. Flexibility is vital to allow the athlete to maintain a good, solid grip on the bar or barbell, without inhibiting movement and risking injury.

Because our stretch grip tape molds to the shape of your finger, the tape will stay securely in place while always providing comfort and functionality.


#hookgripready is our motto. We use only the highest quality adhesive in our thumb tape to ensure that it will stay put during high rep metcons and 1 rep max olympic lifts.

Our finger tape’s adhesive is latex-free, non-allergenic, and does not leave you with residue after use.


The combination fabric of our thumb wrap act as a protective layer around your skin. It is highly durable and capable of absorbing sweat and chalk without compromise, allowing you to lift all day, everyday.


Material: cotton + spandex


Length: 6.9 meters

Width: 5 cm / 2 inches

Weight: 63 grams

How to Apply

Step 1: Anchor tape to the base of your thumb or finger
Step 2: Stretch and roll tightly around your  thumb or finger
Step 3: Tear tape and press around your finger or thumb.
Step 4: Flex finger or thumb a few times to secure and adjust fit

More Information

Is Panda Tape self-adhesive (cohesive)?

Panda Tapes are made with a stronghold adhesive that allows it to stick to equipment and skin without leaving any sticky residue after removal. 

Is Panda Tape waterproof?

Panda Tapes are sweat-resistant and are made to last through the sweatiest workout and sports activity without having to worry about it coming off mid session.

Can Panda Tape be used as a bandage?

We do not advise the use of Panda Tape for medical purposes because it has not been sterilized

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Shipping Policy

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*Only small items (0-5kg) are charged on the website

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*IMPORTANT: Customer pays for:

1) Transport of paid orders from warehouse to Cargo Branch


less than 20 kg - Php 180.00

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